Raoul Varin N.W. Corner of Dearborn and Monroe Streets, Chicago Showing the Post Office Building, in the Year 1863 (1925)
15.375 x 21.625 x 0.0
University Club of Chicago

Raoul varin n.w. corner of lasalle and washington street 150

Varin came from a respected family of 18th and 19th Century engravers. He based the Chicago historic engravings on earlier prints published in 1866 by Jevne & Almini. The project was commissioned by Ernest Byfield. A three-part profile, ТChicagoХs Gaudy Innkeeper (Ernest Byfield)У was published by the Saturday Evening Post beginning in October 1947. Paul Angle wrote an article about the Varin Aquatints in the Spring 1948 issue of Chicago History (vol. 1, no. 11, old series). It is page 316-21, and the title is "The Varin Aquatints."

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