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University Club of Chicago

It began rather modestly, more than a century ago, when a small group of college alumni formed the founding charter....

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Gladys nilsson air bored 120

Gladys Nilsson

Air Bored, 1990

George Healy

Edward Gay Mason - First President, University Club of Chicago, 2012
H.c. westermann an affair on the island 150

Horace Westermann

An Affair in the Islands, 1972
Hollis sigler securing a place in paradise 150

Hollis Sigler

Securing a Place in Paradise, 1991
Frank piatek double reversed odalisque %28yellow%29 150

Frank Piatek

Double Reversed Odalisque (Yellow), 1988
Frank piatek double reversed odalisque %28blue%29 150

Frank Piatek

Double Reversed Odalisque (Blue), 1988
Pratt nathan hale

Bela Pratt

Nathan Hale, 1912
H.c westermann holiday inn 120

Horace Westermann

Holiday Inn, 1972
Hollis sigler we have fantasies about sitting closer to nature 120

Hollis Sigler

We Have Fantasies About Sitting Closer to Nature, 1991
Margaret wharton the lecture 2 120

Margaret Wharton

The Lecture, 1996
Joyce polance  vespertine120

Joyce Polance

Vespertine, 2004
Vickery wind of the sea the harriet mcgregor 1970

Charles Vickery

Wind of the Sea - The Harriet McGregor, 1970
Yoshida unaccountable structures 1976

Ray Yoshida

Unaccountable Structures II, 1976
James d. butler in a field near jamesway 150

James Butler

Untitled, 1985
Frederic clay bartlett a street in paris 150

Frederic Bartlett

A Street in Paris, 1925
Golub head v 1958

Leon Golub

Head V, 1958
Miyoko ito the ken 150

Miyoko Ito

The Ken, 1976
Conger ashland 1990

William Conger

Ashland, 1990
Lutes big brown 1992 edited

Jim Lutes

Big Brown, 1992
Itatani untitled painting from waiting game echo w4 2004

Michiko Itatani

Untitled painting from Waiting Game/Echo W-4, 2004
Paschke red ava 1997 edited

Ed Paschke

Red Ava, 1997
Doremus road trip

Susanne Doremus

Road Trip, 1996

Vera Klement

War Monody, Autumn, Series #3, c. 2005 , 2015
Rosofosky victory dinner 1973 edited

Seymour Rosofosky

Victory Dinner, 1973
Lanyon fregene 1962

Ellen Lanyon

Fregene, 1962
Wirsum no go michelangelo 2006

Karl Wirsum

No Go Michelangelo, 2006
Kulla kinzie 1 2003

Ronald Kulla

Kinzie 1, 2003
Uttech matsiguam narrows 1986

Tom Uttech

Matsiguam Narrows, 1986
Harry callahan eleanor and barbara 120

Harry Callahan

Eleanor & Barbara, 1954
Hull halls 1991

Richard Hull

Halls, 1991
Klement chthonic urn 2003

Vera Klement

Chthonic Urn, 2003
Brown siamese twin 1990

Roger Brown

Siamese Twin, 1990
Tip and tussle combined 120 rezied

Jim Nutt

Tip and Tussle, 1997